frequently asked questions

What Bonus do I get when I recharge?
Recharge Cards Recharge Amount On net Bonus
1 $1.00 $0.15
3 $3.00 $0.50
5 $5.00 $1.00
10 $10.00 $2.00
20 $20.00 $4.00
50 $50.00 $10.00
100 $100.00 $20.00

The On-net bonus is valid for 120 days.

How can I activate my SIM card?
  • Insert the card in your handset.
  • Turn on your handset.
  • Dial 123 and follow voice prompts
    Do I need a new SIM to activate a data bundle?
    No, old SIM can be used to activate data
    Will you change the old SIM cards?


    Will the old scratch cards stay active?


    My number is stolen, what can I do? Can I have the same number back?

    Yes, come to a service center and we will take care of the problem for you.

    Do I need to swap my SIM? Will my old SIM become inactive?

    No, you can continue using the same SIM.

    Which calling features are offered?
    The SIM card includes the following free services: Call Line Identification, international access, Conference calling (standard voice rates apply), Call Forwarding to local numbers, Call Waiting, Call Hold and Credit transfer.
    To use any of the features, all you have to do is turn it on in your cell phone menu (go to settings/ phone setting). Availability of features varies according to the phone model. Please check your cell phone’s user manual.
    What does the Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) service mean?
    • CLIP lets you know the phone number of the calling party every time you receive a call. This gives you the flexibility to find out who is calling before either rejecting the call or answering it.
    • You can also save this number directly in the handset phone book.
    • Also, it helps you recognize missed calls.
    • Name of the calling party will flash on the handset if the same is saved in your handset's phone book.
    Do you charge for CLIP service?
    No, it’s a free calling service are offered with the SIM card.
    What does the Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) service mean?
    • With CLIR, you can permanently disable the display of your number upon making calls if you don’t want others to know your number.
    • It helps you maintain complete confidentiality of your number.
    • Number will not be displayed even if called party activates CLIP
    How can I activate the Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) of the private service?

    Visit our customer care or contact the call center at 111

    What’s “CLIR and unclear” service?
    • By this service customer will be using CLIP by default. When user dials #31# followed by the called number, CLIR will be activated for the current call only.
    • Activation can take up to 24 hours.
    What are call barring/ call blocking?

    Call barring is a mobile phone feature that allows the user to set certain prohibitions on incoming or outgoing calls. This is an effective means to prevent the phone being used to make expensive international or premium rate calls, particularly when the phone is to be used by people other than the subscriber.

    What’s Call waiting/Call Hold?

    These features enable you to be notified when of an incoming call while your line is busy with another call.

    • Answer the call, reject it or simply ignore it.
    • Put the active call on hold and make another one.
    • Shift between the two calls, if one is on hold and the other active. 

    What‘s Call Forwarding/divert?

    This feature enables you to have incoming calls forwarded to a local number or voicemail. You can forward you incoming calls to a second NOVAFONE number when your phone is switched off or out of coverage. 

    User can choose different phone numbers to divert to, depending on the circumstances. For example, calls may be diverted to one number when engaged (busy transfer), but another number or voicemail when the phone is switched off or the network unavailable.

    How to activate forwarding/divert?

    On your handset, go to phone settings and select call divert or call forwarding depending on phone model. Choose the option divert all calls when phone is off or out of coverage. And enter the NOVAFONE number that you want to divert calls to.

    What‘s Call Conference?

    This feature enables you to talk simultaneously with up to 5 people. You can initiate a call and connect up to five other numbers including international numbers into a calling conference.  The service is free, but standard rate charges apply.

    How to use Call Conference?

    Dial a number, when he replies put him on hold, and dial the second number and when he replies you can select the option conference.

    What does an active state mean?

    When you are in active state you can initiate calls and SMS and you can receive calls and SMS. When you charge periodically, you will stay in this state.

    You can stay in this state 4 months without recharging.

    What does a suspended state mean?

    You enter this state after 120 days of not being charging your account. When you are in suspended state, you can receive calls and SMS but, cannot initiate calls and SMS except for emergency calls. When you charge you will go back to active state.

    What does a disabled state mean?

    You enter this state after 150 days (5months) of not being charging your account. In this state, you can neither receive calls and SMS nor initiate calls and SMS except for emergency calls. When you charge you will go back to active state.

    You can stay 30 days in this state. You have to recharge to go back to the previous state.

    What does a pool state mean?

    In this state you can do nothing in terms of calls ad SMS. You’ll lose your number after 180 days. When you reach the pool state you will lose all your credit.

    How can I recharge my account?

    Option 1: Recharge your account press #123* and the recharge scratch code followed by #, then press OK. 

    Option 2: Dial 123 and follow the voice prompts.

    Note: if you enter the recharge code incorrectly 9 consecutive times your account will be completely blocked. In that case you have to visit the service center to re-activate.

    Option 3: Dial 125 and enter the recharge scratch code followed by #.

    How can I query my account balance?

    Option 1: Press #124#, your balance will be displayed on your handset 

    Option 2: Dial 124 and follow the voice prompts

    Option 3: Dial 123 and follow the voice prompts.

    How can I query my bonus/ data consumption/free SMS/ free minutes/FN modifications?

    Press #124#, your balance will be displayed on your handset. And you will receive an SMS notification with the bonus, remaining Data resources, free minutes, free SMS and free Friends and Family Adds.

    How can I transfer credit?

    Press *122*amount*number of receiver # 

    Note: Amount should be per dollar.

    Press OK to complete the transaction 

    You can transfer to a NOVAFONE number only

    Can a postpaid number transfer credit?

    No, it’s only a prepaid service.

    What does Missed called Notification service mean?

    This service allows you to never miss a call whenever you are out of coverage, or if your phone is off. An SMS will be sent telling you who called you and at what time they have called. The missed call notifications will be kept for 5 days then they will be deleted.

    How can I subscribe to Missed called Notification?

    Dial 900 and follow the voice prompts

    Can postpaid/ prepaid customer benefit from it?

    It’s only prepaid service.

    How can I unsubscribe from the service?

    Dial 900 and follow the voice prompts

    I received a missed call notification message with no phone number, why?

    If the calling number has CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction), number will not be displayed in notification SMS.

    When will I receive a missed call notification?

    Whenever you are out of coverage, or if your phone is off. When you are reachable again you will receive the message.

    What do I need to access data service?

    A Mobile capable device - Any 3G, 4G, HSPA, HSPA+ devices such as smartphones or devices such as a tablet or dongle with the 850Mhz band.

    What is a megabyte or gigabyte?

    A megabyte (MB) or gigabyte (GB) is the measurement used for the amount of information that is sent and received from the Internet when you browse (WAP or WEB) or download content such as apps, ringtones, wallpaper, and games.

    What is a Data Dongle?

    It's a USB Dongle that you can insert the DATA- SIM card in it so you can use the internet on your Laptop, Netbook or PC anywhere data coverage is available.

    Can I access data using NOVAFONE SIM on any dongle/ Mobile Hotspot?

    No, you can use a NOVAFONE SIM only on NOVAFONE dongles.

    Where can I find SIM cards and Dongles?

    SIM cards and dongles are available at NOVAFONE P.O.S (point of sales). You can find a list of our point of Sales and their locations on our website

    Can I change my data plan?

    Sure, you can change your data plan anytime, but no refunds apply.

    Can I activate two packages at a time?

    Yes, you can activate several packages simultaneously but, there is no accumulation of days.

    How long is the SIM card valid for?

    The SIM card is valid for one year after last recharge. But, your account will be disabled after 180 days. You can’t initiate nor receive calls.

    How can I check my data balance and consumption?

    Only prepaid customers can check their data consumption. 

    To check your consumption and remaining balance, dial #124#. You will receive a message with the credit and data balance.

    Are my unused MBs carried over to the next refill?

    There's no accumulation of MBs with the data service from one refill to another. All unused MBs will be lost if not used within a cycle.

    Do I benefit from Data while roaming?

    Data roaming service and GPRS will be launched in the future.

    Is it possible to take voice call during internet surfing?

    Yes, with data networks it would be possible to take a voice call during internet surfing, however the handset must be 3G and video call enabled.

    What is the difference between normal SIM & USIM?

    Normal SIM supports 2G & 3G Network, but USIM Supports 2G, 3G, 4G Networks as well as JAVA applications.

    Memory of normal SIM is 64KB whereas memory of USIM is 128KB.

    Are you giving any warranty on the dongles/Mobile Hotspot?

    There is a one year warranty.

    If my dongle is not working, what would I do?

    Bring it to us (POS) and we will test it and then swap it for a new one.

    How long does my plan take to activate?

    It will be automatically activated but maybe customer needs to restart his phone or to put on Airplane mode

    Am I able to activate a prepaid Data bundle using a Blackberry phone?

    Yes, customers will be able to activate any of the available data bundles using a Blackberry phone but the key Blackberry services will not be accessible.

    What happens if a customer used the allotted bundle allowance (MB/GB) of the package purchased, before the plan time ends?

    He can re-subscribe to the same plan or purchase new product. But any unused bundle allowance does not roll over from the old plan to the new plan.

    Will a postpaid customer be able to access the prepaid Data bundle service?

    The postpaid customer can benefit from all the monthly packets and Bundles.

    Will I receive a message to tell me when the bundle is completely used?

    No, prepaid customers can query their balance.

    What happens if a customer does not use all the data allotted for the period?

    The customer’s MB/GB data allowance will expire at the end of the billing period for postpaid and at expiry date of the package for prepaid customers.

    Am I able to access more than one data bundle at the same time?

    Yes, your MB consumption will be deducted from the lower MB package first.

    How does a customer cancel a prepaid Data bundle plan?

    Using USSD code, but deducted fee can’t be returned.

    Are the Data services automatically renewed?

    No, it’s not, customer need to activate it again.

    Do I need to restart the phone after I purchase a plan?

    Most probably you will need. It depends on the phone brand.

    Do I have to make changes to my phone settings before being able to use the data on my phone?


    • Turn  OFF Wi-Fi
    • Go to the Cellular/Mobile Data setting and enable Data/3G on your phone
    • Enter the APN : (no need to fill the blanks of username and password)
    3G phones must be set to 2G/3G, automatic, dual or 2G/3G/4G to get data speeds even though the phone is 3G/4G compatible. 
    Customers may be required to do a manual search to be able to access data services from their 3G/4G phone. It is recommended to:
    • Select network type as 3G
    • Carry out a manual network search
    • Select the NOVAFONE network

    Can I use my non-data compatible phone to purchase data bundles?

    Yes, but you’ll not be able to use it on that phone unless you place the activated SIM into a compatible device and use the service

    Can I use a USB modem to access data bundles?


    Will I have data coverage wherever I go in Liberia??


    How will I know that I am connected to NOVAFONE’s data network?

    The coverage icon will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

    What happens if a postpaid customer activates a Data Bundle after the start of the month?

    The service stays active for 30 days. The fee will be on first months’ bill

    Will I be able to change from one plan to any other?