On September 12, 2013 NOVAFONE held their first press conference to introduce their new company in Liberia. In a prestigious event at the Royal Hotel , Rebecca McKitterick , Chief Commercial Officer of NOVAFONE opened the press conference with “ Our Tag line “beyond words” represents a move in Liberia to go beyond voice into the world of 4G services, noting their brand values represent simplicity, quality and value for money. It is a simple message bringing value to the marketplace with a quality network”
NOVAFONE has a special offer to all subscribers, 500 voice minutes, 500 SMS and 500 Mb data plan all for only $3.00. In the regional territories they are offering all NOVAFONE to NOVAFONE calls at 3 cents per minute.
The Chief Executive Officer , Mr.Chady Salim, noted that NOVAFONE is committed to the Liberian people and is playing a key role in the economic development of the country. He also noted NOVAFONE will contribute generously to the development of the Telecom sector in Liberia. Mr.Salim mentioned “ the new brand comes with a state of the art 4G network and coverage expansion to 85% of the country. As well we are introducing data on mobile and a fourth generation network solution to the Liberian people. In addition innovative Value Added Services and high end devices will be introduced to the Liberian Market”.
Mr. Salim took the opportunity to announce that in one week time the 10 digit numbering plan (0555) will be launched which introduces an additional 55 to all NOVAFONE numbers.
Mr. Salim also talked about NOVAFONE continuing to create job opportunities for young Liberian Professionals and that NOVAFONE values Corporate Social Responsibility and will always improve the social standards of the youth through corporate social programs.
The Honorable Angelique Weeks, Chairperson of the Liberian Telecommunications Authority also spoke at the press conference; stressing competition provides choices to the Liberian people. She also noted NOVAFONE should prioritize Liberians in top positions. She was also noted that she welcomes the new strong operator into the market and hopes they can satisfy the needs and the demands of the Liberian people. Previous operators have not been able to handle the challenge and she hopes NOVAFONE will be a Star rising above the others.

Bechir Khoury the Chief Technical Officer, demonstrated the new 4G services with TV streaming and the new data consumer dongle.
The press conference closed with the new Corporate Jingle, composed by famous Liberian musicians in Monrovia.