NOVAFONE Sponsors The Liberian National Surfing Championships

Liberia is celebrating 10 years of Peace and Reconciliation and 5 years of Surfing! 

The local Surfers of Liberia will take to the left point breaks of Robertsport this weekend in the 5th Annual Liberian National Surfing Championships, presented by Kwepunha Retreat, Surf Resource Network, and The Liberian Surfing Federation and Sponsored by Novafone, Monurent, Barefoot Liberia, and Monrovia Visitors Map. 

More than 40 Liberian surfers including men, women, and children will compete in the event. These young surfers are using surfing as a tool to empower their lives by becoming ambassadors for their communities, stewards for the environment, and role models for their peers. 

Please stay tuned for the results of this year's historic event.